01. October 07_________________________________________________Project Newsletter and Design Update 07|07 - Impressions from Burning Man >>>download pdf

01. October 07__________________________________________________________Project Newsletter and Design Update 06|07 - Setup @ Burning Man >>>download pdf

03. Aug 07 - 13. Sep 07____________________________________________________________________________The Cone goes to Burning Man and back

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24. June 07___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Top Segment

24. June 07_______________________________________________________________________________________________________oneBoxoneHouse

23. June 07________________________________________________________________________________________________________Drill Instructions

21. June 07_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________PVC Pipes

20. June 07_________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ring Elements

30. May 07_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Statics

26. May 07________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Stage II

25. May 07_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Stage I

24. May 07_________________________________________________________________________________________________Gravel Sand

23. May 07___________________________________________________________________________________________________________Platform Materials

15. May 07_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Camp Lacuna

1. May 07_________________________________________________________________________________________________________Construction Details

24. April 07___________________________________________________________________________________________________Project Presentation Flyer
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April 07____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3D Model

19. April 07___________________________________________________________________Project Newsletter and Design Update 01|07 - Construction >>>download pdf
Iinspired by the towers of the russian engineer vladimir suchov we developed a construction concept which is more detailed, lighter and less material intense. The netlike surface creates a static system that supports the outer cone as well as the axial bearing to connect the cones on top of the construction.

The cable pipes (usually used in buildings to hide electricity or communication cables) have a lenght of 3m and a diameter of 0,02m and are made of pvc. They have a 0,025 bushing at the end so it is possible to connect them up to any necessary lenght. The flexible and soft material as well as the shape makes them easy to push and prevents injuries.

These details show the connection point between the two cones at the top of both. A steel frame (consists of same material dimensions as the pvctubes) with an axial bearing in the middle connects the turning layer to the fixed one.
We recently built a scale model of the construction to check the appearance of the turning system on spectators outside and inside the cone. the two layers create various visual effects,depending on the intensity and angle of illumination.

April 07______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Scale Model 1:10

March 07________________________________________________________________________________________________________Construction Sketches

15. Feb. 07____________________________________________________________________________________________________The Cone Grant Proposal >>>download pdf

We, Hans Sachs and I, Manuel Kretzer, are both studying architecture at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.
This year we will attend the “Burning Man”. We first heard of the event last year while watching a documentary. Since then we became totally convinced by the idea in participating. We have spent hours and hours surfing the web, watching videos, reading articles, and we bought several books and DVD’s. We are extraordinarily keen on being a part of this years Project. But as we don’t have any “real” experience with Burning Man and Black Rock City and as we just have a few contacts in the States we hope you can give us some support in realising our concept. Since we first heard of the festival we had millions of ideas of what to create and how to do it. Now we started working on one of them out.

--- The Turning Cone ---
Various facts influenced the design we came up with.
First of all there is the aim to build something really interactive. So that people can actively participate in the Art- Installation and even transform the Art while participating. So we thought about different kinds of interactivity and realized that first of all it must be fun, like kids have on a playground –.the carousel.
To us it is also important to highlight the theme “The Green Man”, which is a great topic in times of global warming and rising pollution on our planet. We are really convinced about the necessity of creating a new way of thinking about the future of our environment. The “Burning Man Festival” is a great opportunity to reflect our lifestyle today and in the same time to experiment with ideas and concepts that could help us solve this environmental crisis. Our idea is a great way to show people what is possible to do with your own man power. People should see that power does not just come out of the plug. This slight critique of human mobility today should make people move. Move yourself to have fun! As unfortunately it’s still impossible to create artificial photosynthesis to compensate for the global CO² impact of the festival, at least we want to produce our own energy – the dynamo.
A very important point is probably the visual effect of our installation. People want to wander around, have fun and see crazy things. Therefore creating various visual effects at day- but especially at night time was another of our main objectives. The ‘Turning Cone’ is made of a two layer cone construction. The ‘twisted timber structure’ of the outer layer, which will be turning by wind power or people pushing it, moves over the fixed, in the same way structured, cone on the inside. With different projections and light sources (which get their power from the dynamo) on the inside of the cone, the differently overlapping patterns create an ‘interference-effect’, of the different light sources. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s early drafts of a helicopter we want to give the operator or the people standing outside the impression of zero gravity of the cone – the propeller.

“The Cone” consists of an inner one and an outer one.
The inner cone is a fixed structure that supports and holds the outer cone, which is rotatable attached to the top of the inner one. On two more points the outer cone is touching the inner one with wheels that run in a rail. The inner cone basically consists of 16 beams made of timber slats. On the inside and outside of these beams sheets of paper or cloth will be attached to distinguish it visually from the outer structure. Horizontally all the beams are connected together and some fields are fixed with cables to withstand the powers of nature.
The top of the outer cone is at a total height of 7.50 m and the cone has 7.00 m in diameter. It is 50 cm elevated of the ground, so it’s possible to crawl underneath inside the inner one. The distance to the inner one also averages 50 cm. It also consists of 16 beams made of timber slats. At a height of 90 cm will be handles to push the structure when there is no wind. At the two points where the outer cone touches the inner one via wheels the sails will be fixed to.
The top-point, where both cones unite, will be made of plywood. We will attach electroluminescent wire to the beams of the outer cone to exaggerate the visual effect of the turning structure on the skin of the inner cone by night. At daylight the shadows themselves will turn the space inside the cone into a steadily changing room and suggest the feeling of being inside a giant machine. The idea is to generate all the power needed to keep the light installations running by housing several small generators (dynamos) inside the structure that use the energy produced by turning the cone.

We have already tested the beams made of timber slats on the maximum force they can resist. Also we realized another
project two years ago where we built a dome 5.50 m high and 11 m in diameter made in a similar way. As soon as the weather improves in Germany we plan on building a fully working scale model. We also received support from our university to do the necessary static calculations and will have several tutors, who are specialized in this field, assisting us with their architectural experience.


Hans Sachs and I will be responsible for the whole project. We also are supported by fellow students Sebastian Asam, Stefan Lämmel, Christine Baumgartner, Andreas Schneider, all studying Architecture and therefore having sufficient practical building experience, and probably two more to join us on our trip and help rising the structure. Further more we have a few friends (4 – 6) in the States and Canada that come and help rising as well as deconstructing the installation. Depending on how many more friends we can recruit to join us we could need help in pre-constructing and assembling the elementary parts on site.

Clean Up

The sails will be torn off and reused. All the wood will be burnt in designated burn platforms. Screws and steel plates that might get lost will be collected by using large magnets. After everything has been broken away we will repeatedly search the area for any remaining foreign objects.

Finally there remains to say that we are glad about any kind of support you can offer us. If not financially by funding the material costs then perhaps by providing us contacts to companies that have supported former projects or by giving us advice where and how to get cheap materials and modes of transportation. We would also greatly appreciate contacts to volunteers or experienced burners that could help erecting the structure on site or even hints about areas surrounding San Francisco were we can pre-construct parts prior to the festival. We have a limited budget that will help to cover living expenses and travel costs to and from the United States. We definitely want to realize our plan and will pursue other methods of funding and support as well, but hope that your consideration of our proposal yields interest and financial support. Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in August.
Manuel Kretzer , Hans Sachs

Feb 07______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Concept Sketches

Dec. 06 - Feb. 07__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ideas

mud house
inspired by traditional building methods of pueblo-indians. --- use ? advantages: unlimited material (dirt) disadvantages: need of water /// (needs a lot of eperience or experiments...) natural resource -> theme
air house
flexible structure made of inflatable lamination - combination with CO²-temple possible?? (www.inflate.co.uk )
recycling building
using up industrial waste... (David Best's Temples)
TV temple
building a screen-box out of old TV's - interaction with passers-by ; video-art
paper house
made of paper - folding
trash house
advancing structure made of "Burning-Man"-trash: empty tins, cans, bottles, tetrapacks, styrofoam .... generated garbage gets immediately used-> gradual enhancement -> interaction
bun bouse
made of food-remains (in Vienna every day 5 t of bread are thrown away)
CO² house
collecting all arising emissions of generators, cars, vans in bags or balloons - creating a building structure
labyrinth modular, expandable structure  
music temple empty bottles creating an instrument  
basin theme: water --- desert. dilation of steam -> change in building structure by supply of warmth  
screen spheres gigantic ball made of timber slats (tetrahedron ) attached LED's or projectors - > plasma ball  
THE CONE interactive windmill, which can be turned by manpower or air and creates energy which will be used for night-illumination
"Track your Trace"
a certain amount of passers-by will be equiped with GPS-receivers and their daily movement in BRC is recorded by computers an projected on a screen: interaction: human pencils
LED - box a complete LED-cubus -> giant screen -> problem: 90000 LED's for one 3 x 3m wall

Dec. 06___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Theme Flyer >>>download pdf