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the interactive project documentation

The Project 'The Cone' - interactive architecture for 'Burning Man' by Manuel Kretzer and Hans Sachs was developed as final architecture project at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and realized at the 'Burning Man' festival 2007 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. The 120 pages coloured book guides through the project and explains initital key factors during the development of the structure. It gives an insight in the idea behind 'Burning Man' and shows the way from a simple conceptual design to a actual working construction. It explains essential tools on finding financial and material and human support and organizing a project over the distance of two continents while dealing with mostly unknown factors. It forms both an interesting literature on how to realize global projects and solve unexpected problems and also is a magnificent book with lots of impressions and experiences of the colourful festival and project development of 'The Cone'.

A low resolution pdf file of the 120 pages book can be downloaded here:
'The Cone' - interactive architecture for 'Burning Man'

The interactive hybrid DVD contains video, image and audio material collected during the development of 'The Cone' and gives detailed insights into the various stages of the project. It visually guides through the development from the first idea in September 2005 to the finishing period in autumn 2007. The 'project timeline' which is already an essential part of the book forms the main navigation of the DVD. Various dates of the printed version are adressed in detail and can be explored independently.

A main part of the DVD is a 24min video documentation of 'The Cone' at 'Burning Man' 2007 which is published on youtube.

www.youtube.com/burnmaneu to watch it.

Purchase documentation:
If you are interested in the complete project documentation and would like to order a copy of the DVD, the book or both, please visit the shop or contact us personally at burnmaneu@gmail.com