The "Burning Man Project" is a yearly happening art festival in the desert of Nevada, USA. For one week 35.000 - 40.000 people create their own short-term living space, called "Black Rock City", that then dissapears without leaving any trace. The difference to usual art exhibitions or events is the fact that every participant is asked to be actively involved in the creation and maintenance of everyday life within the city. This year's theme “The Green Man” concerns humanity's relationship towards nature. Refering to this topic our proposal wants to create a kind of temporary architecture by the use of any excisting resources and the input of extremely cheap or even free materials. The object is ought to be an unique piece of art on the one hand but also has to imply the festival-attendants in an interactive way.



Various facts influenced the design we came up with.
First of all it had to be something really interactive and fun to use, like a kids' playground – the carousel. We also highlight the theme “The Green Man” and show people what is possible to do with your own man power. "Move yourself to have fun! Go produce our own energy!" – the dynamo. The two layer construction of the Cone creates an impressive visual effect The outer structure will be turning, by wind or man power, over the fixed cone on the inside. With projections and light sources (supplied by the dynamo) the overlapping patterns create an ‘interference-effect’ and suggest the impression of zero gravity of the Cone – the propeller. Combining all those aspects into one design is the preliminary approach to our project.